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Spring 2016 Volunteer Tutor Schedule

In need of programming help? If so, feel free to contact one of the following individuals. You can then set up a time to meet in WCM 220.

The times which work best for our tutors are stated by each tutor's name. Each tutor has also specified classes which they are willing to tutor.

We are always looking for more people who are willing to tutor. If you are interested in being a tutor for Java Programming I or II, send us an email at In your email, list the days, classes, and times you are wanting to tutor.

About ACM Tutors

You can set up a time to meet with the ACM tutors via email. A great place to meet is WCM 220 (The Math Commons). If scheduling a time to meet with a tutor, please do so ahead of time - not on the date the assignment is due. We usually tutor CS1100 and CS1110, but we may also be able to assist with other classes such as CS2300 (Data Structures), etc.

Please keep in mind that the ACM tutors are volunteers. The tutoring is free, but snacks are greatly appreciated.

If you are in need of more tutoring, please keep in mind that the Student Success Center also provides tutoring that is free to you!